Air flow

Powerful measuring and analysis.

Air flow

Air velocity and its analysis are not just relevant for supply and exhaust air volumetric flows on air conditioning and ventilation systems, air velocity also directly affects the indoor climate.

Products for air velocity and volumetric flow

Here you will find the overview of all our measuring instruments and attachable probes for the simple and reliable measurement, documentation and analysis of air velocity and volumetric flow here.

Total product overview

Air flow in ventilation ducts

To ensure ventilation and air conditioning systems function perfectly, the volumetric flows must be correctly set across the whole system. For this, we offer a large selection of instruments for flow measurement or for the assessment of air velocity and volumetric flow according to DIN EN 12599 and DIN EN 16211.

Air flow at the air outlet

Every duct inlet and outlet should only contain the volumetric flow that, according to the calculations, is the basic requirement for a system that works efficiently. It must therefore be possible to measure the volumetric flow according to DIN EN 16211 in a reliable way.

Thermal comfort level in workplaces

Thermal well-being for people is established when air temperature, air humidity, air flow and thermal radiation in the surroundings are experienced at their optimum level. Testo offers sophisticated measuring instruments and probes according to DIN EN 13779 and ISO 7730 for thermal comfort level measurement.

Flow velocity in laboratory fume cupboards

Our probe, which has been specially developed for laboratory fume cupboard measurement, enables you to measure highly-precise low inflow speed and the exhaust volumetric flow in laboratory fume cupboards with the testo 480 according to DIN EN 14175. In this way, you can reliably determine the speed of the air flow and the volumetric flow. This means you ensure correct positioning of the fume cupboards and its best possible performance on site.

Flow velocity in process air

Air velocity analysis can be carried out using pitot tubes even in hot and dusty media. Our differential pressure measuring instruments calculate the flow velocity in the process air based on the pressures that come from the pitot tube.