Data loggers and data logger systems

Uninterrupted monitoring and documentation.

Data loggers and data logger systems

Testo offers you various data loggers, a wireless data logger system and a data logger system, with which you can continuously monitor and uninterruptedly document temperature, humidity, absolute pressure and shock.

Monitoring and recording data with data loggers


Testo data loggers continuously and reliably record measurement data, e.g. in transport and storage, or when monitoring air quality, heating systems or process conditions.

This makes traceable and reliable quality checks possible.

Tamper-proof and versatile:
Data logger system testo Saveris


testo Saveris automates measurement data recording and the creation of measurement value reports – without interruption and tamper-proof. Whether in production, in storage or during transport: the combination of Ethernet and wireless data loggers creates a high level of versatility in the installation of the data logger system.

An extensive alarm management immediately warns you of critical values.

Overview of solutions

 Data loggerstesto Saveris 2testo Saveris
Long-term recording and documentation of measurement dataXXX
Programming limit valuesXXX
Central documentation of different measuring points in a single system XX
Automatic reporting XX
Automatic alarms with basic alarm management XX
Automatic alarms with extensive alarm management  X
Constant availability of all measurement values on a PC, smartphone or tablet. X 
Monitoring with wireless data loggers   XX
Monitoring with Ethernet data loggers  X
21CFR Part 11-compliant software X X
Transport monitoring also possibleX  X