Flue gas analysis

and reliable
measurement instruments.

Measuring solutions for flue gas analysis, particle measurement and emission control

The flue gases arising from the combustion contain CO2, oxide or soot particles, amongst other things. These pollute the environment, have a negative effect on the climate and conceal numerous health risks for human beings. That is why it is absolutely essential to design combustion processes in a more efficient way, to optimise thermal processes and above all to reduce emissions.

Products for flue gas analysis

Here you will find the overview of our measuring instruments for professional and reliable flue gas analysis.

Product overview

Flue gas analysis for industrial applications

When controlling industrial plants, it is important to achieve a balance between efficient operation and the least possible environmental pollution. Instruments for flue gas analysis and emission measurement play an important role in this process. They help you to increase efficiency, to comply with statutory emission limit values and they are indispensable when it comes to monitoring and optimising thermal manufacturing processes.

Flue gas analysis for residential applications

With small combustion systems, in addition to the efficient setting of the system, flue gas analysis above all enables you to achieve less environmental pollution. With the right measuring instruments, it is not just a case of being able to optimise older systems and reduce their environmental pollution – even with modern systems potential improvements can easily be pointed out by using a flue gas analyzers.

Flue gas analysis formaritime applications

Due to the generally increased awareness of climate protection and a constantly growing international merchant fleet, flue gas analysis is more and more important at sea as well. Testo therefore developed the testo 350 MARITIME – the only portable flue gas analyzer in the world with type approval for use on board ships in accordance with MARPOL Annex VI and NOx Technical Code 2008.