Food sector

HACCP International certified.

Solutions for HACCP management and food safety

With the solutions from Testo, you monitor production, transport and preparation of foods without interruption and compliantly with standards. The measuring instruments proven in thousand-fold applications provide fast and precise measurement values for temperature, humidity, pH and cooking oil quality. The certification according to EN 13485, EN 12830 and HACCP International guarantee you maximum quality and safety in the monitoring of your processes.

Checking of food in incoming goods

In the food sector, cooling chain compliance has to be checked and verified. Part of food monitoring is temperature checking when receiving goods. Food temperature has a crucial influence on the formation and proliferation of germs on the food. It is therefore obligatory to have uninterrupted temperature monitoring to ensure food safety. Testo offers HACCP-compliant and EN 13485 certified infrared and core temperature measuring instruments for incoming goods.

Checking food in production

In the food production sector, correct heating and temperature of foods, along with their pH value, play a crucial role. Ambient conditions can have an influence on the product quality as well and require monitoring of food temperature and relative humidity. Testo has a range of HACCP-compliant measuring instruments with EN 13485 and EN 12830 certification for monitoring food production.

Checking during food preparation

In order to ensure that customers can consume meals without any worries, the correct heating and temperature of food must be monitored in the food service area. Regulation of the consumption temperature also plays a crucial role. Testo's HACCP-compliant core temperature measuring instruments with EN 13485 certification ensure reliable food temperature measurement. When it comes to saving cooking oil and compliance with statutory regulations, our testo 270 cooking oil tester is the right choice.

Food checking during transport and storage

In the food sector, it is absolutely vital to check one thing: compliance with the cooling chain. Part of this is checking the temperature of food during transport and storage. Our data logger or the testo Saveris automated measurement data monitoring system come into their own here. HACCP-compliant and certified to EN 12830!