Gas and particles

Measurement solutions
for flue gas
and particles.

Measurement solutions for flue gas analysis, particulate matter and particle measurement

The worldwide uninterrupted pollution of the atmosphere and more and more rules and regulations mean that flue gas analysis and emission control is becoming more and more important. It serves to reduce pollutant emission from combustion systems and it meets the objective of using energy as efficiently as possible.

Products for flue gas and particle measurement technology

Here you will find an overview of our measuring instruments. Our product portfolio ranges from the universal measuring instrument to the application-specific, configurable solution for complex flue gas analysis.

Product overview

Flue gas

Flue gas analysers from Testo measure, analyse and document whether flue gas limit values are being complied with or whether the system is running at the optimum settings. Irrespective of whether it involves spot or long-term measurements, the process is high-precision and reliable.

Particle measurement technoloogy

Here you will find measuring instruments for the reliable monitoring and efficient setting of combustion systems for oil or solid fuels. In addition to smoke number and derivatives at oil combustion systems, you can also measure particulate matter or particle emissions caused by the combustion of solid fuels like wood (e.g. pellets, treated wood) or coal.