Humidity, CO2 and CO

Reliable measurement and analysis.

Humidity, CO2 and CO

The measuring parameters of humidity, CO2 and CO play an important role in monitoring production, storage and transport conditions, determining thermal comfort levels and indoor air quality or in VAC systems. Checking material humidity in building materials and timber is also an essential part of everyday work in a wide variety of sectors, e.g. for mould analysis or diagnosis of building moisture damage.

Products for humidity, CO2 and CO

Here you will find an overview of all our measuring instruments and attachable probes for the recording, analysis and documentation of humidity, CO2 and CO.

Total product overview

Monitoring of production, storage and transport conditions

Our temperature and humidity measuring instruments are used all over the world in production, storage and server rooms, museums, archives, cold stores, containers and display cases.

From portable temperature and humidity measuring instruments for spot measurements, via humidity data loggers for uninterrupted monitoring and documentation of measurement data, through to the automated measurement data monitoring system: Testo offers you the appropriate solution.

Measuring thermal comfort level

Thermal comfort level, which can be assessed on the basis of the parameters of air temperature and relative humidity, is important for the well-being of users of an indoor area and a significant aspect in terms of planning, selecting and setting a heating and ventilation system. Recommendations for relative air humidity in an indoor area range between a minimum relative humidity value of 30% and a maximum of 65%. Testo offers sophisticated measuring instruments, monitors, data loggers and probes for measurement.

CO2 and humidity measurement to improve indoor air quality

The CO2 content of the area is used as a measure of the air quality. Muggy, used air makes you tired and has negative effects on staff performance. With Testo measuring instruments, you can assess the indoor air quality on the basis of the combined measurement of the CO2 content, temperature and air humidity via spot or long-term measurements.

Reliably determining material humidity

Checking material humidity in building materials and timber is an important part of everyday work in the most diverse areas. Testo offers material humidity measuring instruments for the following applications:

Humidity measurement in VAC systems

In winter, the absolute humidity in the outside air is generally not sufficient to comply with the requirement for an indoor humidity of approx. 30% RH to 70% RH (as per EN 13779) in buildings with VAC systems. According to DIN EN 12599, relative humidity within the VAC system must also be measured, in addition to other measurement parameters. Our humidity probes and the testo 480 mean you can not just measure the relative humidity, but also the absolute humidity in VAC systems.

Professional humidity measurement

Reliable, high-precision measurement of humidity and temperature is required in many industrial processes to ensure consistent quality. You can measure relative humidity with an accuracy of up to +/- 1% with our temperature and humidity probes which can be connected to the testo 480.

Calibration of air-conditioning cabinets

Monitor your air conditioning cabinet precisely for temperature and humidity conditions according to DAkkS/DKD directive 5-7 with the testo 480 measuring instrument. This means you comply with quality standards and protect your work.

Ambient CO measurement

The sources of poisonous carbon monoxide gas (CO) include the incomplete combustion of substances containing carbon (oil, gas, solid fuels, etc.). The danger of this gas means it is necessary to carry out regular checking at the combustion location of the CO pollution in the area surrounding the installation. Testo CO measuring instruments enable you to assess the CO concentration in the ambient air in an easy and reliable way.