pH and TPM

pH value and polar content.

pH value and TPM products

Measuring instruments for pH value are - in addition to the food industry - above all used in the chemical, pharmaceutical and environmental technology fields. TPM measuring instruments assists in checking cooking oils.

Products for pH value and TPM

Here you will find the overview of our pH value and TPM measuring instruments.

Product overview

Cooking oil tester (TPM-determination)

The testo 270 assists you in the regular checking of cooking oil. Establishing the TPM content (Total Polar Materials) ensures reliable determination of the quality of the oil. The polar content is ideally between 14 and 22 percent. The testo 270 cooking oil tester therefore guarantees ideal use of the cooking oil and helps you to comply with the statutory limit values at all times.

pH measuring instruments for various media

The process of many chemical and biochemical reactions is directly dependent on the pH value and this therefore has an important function as an indicator. With Testo pH value measuring instruments, you can determine the pH value in semi-solid media, e.g meat, as well as in viscoplastic media, such as jelly and cheese, and in liquids, for example milk and water.

pH value measuring instrument - use in semi-solid media

The testo 205 pH measuring instrument with a break-resistant, embedded pH tip is best suited for use in semi-solid media, such as meat. The practical one-handed operation and the combination of a penetration tip with a temperature probe make the testo 205 the ideal pH measuring instrument.

pH value measuring instrument - use in liquids

Do you need a pH measuring instrument for pH value measurement in liquids?

pH value measuring instrument – use in viscoplastic media

The pH measuring instrument is suitable for pH measurement in viscoplastic media, such as jelly, cheese and fruit.

pH value measuring instrument - use in various media

Do you need a pH measuring instrument, which you can use for reliable determination of the pH value both in liquids and in viscoplastic media: The testo 206-pH3 can be used universally.