Efficient and reliable pressure measurement.

pressure measurement instruments

Alongside temperature, the physical measurement parameter of pressure is one of the most important and most measured parameters for applications in research and engineering. A large number of measuring tasks have become indispensable for a wide range of applications in heating, sanitation and air-conditioning sectors, in process engineering and in many other areas.

Products for pressure measuring

Here you will find the overview of our portable pressure measuring instruments and data loggers for differential and absolute pressure measurement.

Total product overview

Measurement on air conditioning and ventilation systems

A good working climate goes without saying nowadays in most companies, at least from a technical point of view – ultimately, there are high-performance ventilation and air conditioning systems in modern workplaces. Testo's portable differential pressure measuring instruments help you with the reliable measurement of the pressure difference in front of and behind the filter.

We recommend flow measurement with a pitot tube, in particular where there are high flow velocities and highly contaminated flows in air conditioning and ventilation ducts.

Measuring flow velocity in process air

Air velocity can be measured using pitot tubes even in hot and dusty media. Our differential pressure measuring instruments calculate the flow velocity in the process air based on the pressures that come from the pitot tube.

Commissioning and maintenance of refrigeration systems and heat pumps

In refrigeration and air conditioning systems or heat pumps pressures, temperatures and any system superheating or subcooling have to be checked for a system to function smoothly. This measurement can be carried out efficiently and reliably with our digital manifolds.

Measurement and monitoring in indoor areas and laboratories

Ambient conditions in laboratories must be measured or monitored during calibrations or trial setups. Pressure measuring instruments must provide pressure measurement results continuously here. The testo 622, for continuous pressure measurement, also measures absolute pressure in addition to temperature and humidity. The hygrometer, which is equipped with a pressure index, shows the current measuring values, along with the date and time, in a large, clear display.

The testo 176 P1 data logger has an internal absolute pressure sensor and possibilities for connecting two optional temperature/humidity probes.

Pressure tests on gas and water pipes

According to the statutory regulations, gas pipes must be checked before commissioning using a pressure test with air or inert gas. Drinking and waste water pipes must also be tested for leaks and subjected to a load test with air or inert gas.