Refrigeration technology

Securing reliability and efficiency.

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In refrigeration systems pressures, temperatures and any system superheating or subcooling have to be checked for a system to function smoothly. Furthermore, the tightness of the system must be ensured and the source of any leaks must quickly be found if they occur. Thus a reliable statement about the safety and efficiency of the system based on these parameters can be stated.

Products on refrigeration technology

Here you will find the overview of all our measuring instruments for the measurement, documentation and analysis of all the relevant parameters on refrigeration, ventilation and air conditioning systems.

Product overview

Digital manifolds

Digital technology has found its way into all areas of life and the refrigeration industry is no exception either. Testo's digital manifolds provide you with modern measuring technology support in the area of refrigeration system engineering. Our measuring instruments can achieve energy cost savings of up to 12.5% for your customers in refrigeration systems.

Leak detectors

Leakages on a refrigeration system, such as an air conditioning system, can quickly lead to serious consequences. The system no longer provides the required cooling capacity and, in the worst case scenario, system components can be damaged.

Vacuum measuring instruments

Professional, reliable evacuation is an essential stage of the work to be carried out before initial commissioning or recommissioning of every refrigeration system or air conditioning system. Find out here about our high-precision vacuum measuring instruments.

Temperature measuring instruments

Our temperature measuring instruments for refrigeration systems enable fast and accurate measurement of the hot gas line temperature of a refrigeration system, the ambient air in the cold store or the core temperature of the goods stored in a cold store.

Humidity measuring instruments

If you would like to measure, record or document the relative humidity in a storage facility, our portable humidity measuring instruments and humidity data loggers will ensure you have the best equipment.