Pharma and laboratory

Reliable and high-precision measuring instruments.

Temperature measuring instruments

Pharmaceutical products must be able to demonstrate perfect quality. This applies to the research laboratory and the production of medicines, as well as the storage of sensitive substances in hospitals and large pharmacies. Strict regulations and directives apply, e.g. the ISO 9001, GxP, GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice), GLP (Good Laboratory Practice), or 21 CFR Part 11.

Temperature measuring instruments (1-channel)

In the laboratory, you will often come into contact with many caustic chemicals in the process of manufacturing medicines. A special Pt100 probe can be connected to the testo 720 temperature measuring instrument which is resistant to aggressive media thanks to its glass casing. This and other accurate Pt100 and NTC probes can be optionally connected to the testo 720.

Temperature measuring instruments (3-channel)

When measuring instruments or probes have to be calibrated in the calibration basin of the laboratories, great accuracy is crucial.

The testo 735 temperature measuring instrument and the highly accurate Pt100 immersion/penetration probe are based on a system accuracy of 0.05 °C making them extremely well suited to precise measurements – in fact, nothing could be more accurate.

Temperature loggers for storage

Many raw materials, and interim and end products of the pharmaceutical industry and medicine trade are sensitive to temperature and humidity. When in storage, conditions must not be too warm or too cold, or too dry or too humid. Testo offers data loggers for continuous measurement data recording to enable monitoring of measuring values.

Temperature loggers for transport

With the temperature loggers testo 184, temperature monitoring in transport is uncomplicated, safe and compliant with GxP und 21 CFR Part 11. The testo 184 temperature loggers require no software, no interface, and therefore create no additional costs.

Data monitoring system testo Saveris

The pharmaceutical manufacturer has to be able to demonstrate extremely accurate measuring values in the laboratory, and storage or production of medicines. The testo Saveris data monitoring system measures the temperature and humidity/moisture values of sensitive goods and products and their surroundings, e.g. in production processes, in storage, or during transportation of the medicines. The easy-to-use measurement system delivers safety and savings in time and costs thanks to automated and continuous measurement data recording and reporting.