Reliable and high-precision measuring instruments.

Temperature measuring instruments

We all measure it, in most cases even on a daily basis, and we rely on using measuring instruments to help us with the measuring: the temperature. Testo offers the full range of measuring instruments – optimally calibrated and compliant with standards – to meet individual requirements in the food and pharmaceutical sectors, in industry, in laboratories and in the area of heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration.

Food sector

Whether it involves incoming goods, manufacturing processes, preparation of fresh meals or storage. Testo AG offers you a large selection of HACCP-compliant temperature measuring instruments for reliable measurement: from the measurement of random samples to automated and uninterrupted temperature measurement with comprehensive alarm management.

Production, storage and transport

Our temperature measuring instruments are used all over the world in storage areas, cold stores, containers and refrigerated containers, as well as in deep-freeze areas and display cases: from fast, non-contact temperature measurement using infrared to automated, uninterrupted measurement data recording with comprehensive alarm management .

Pharmaceuticals and laboratories

In the pharmaceutical and laboratory area, you count on reliable, resistant and high-precision measuring instruments. For this, Testo AG offers various measuring instruments with accurate Pt100 probes: for example the testo 176 T2 data logger, the testo 735 portable temperature measuring instrument or our testoSaveris monitoring system.

U-value measuring instruments

When assessing thermal transmission, e.g. in old buildings in need of renovation, the U-value is one of the most important values. After successfully completing the measurement, you can then use this for a thermal assessment, for example when there are leaks or tiny air flows on windows which are often responsible for indeterminable temperature difference.

WBGT measurement for workplaces exposed to heat

WBGT measurement is used to evaluate workplaces which are affected by thermal radiation and to determine the maximum permissible exposure time. Use the WBGT probe (Wet Bulb Globe Temperature) to measure and monitor heat stress, e.g. in the steel industry. Measure the WBGT index in compliance with the standards. In the testo 480 measuring instrument, this is determined as a climate index according to DIN 33403 or ISO 7243.