Ventilation / air conditioning systems

Optimum settings and maintenance.

Ventilation and air conditioning products

A good working climate goes without saying nowadays in most companies, at least from a technical point of view – ultimately, there are high-performance ventilation and air conditioning systems in modern workplaces. However, it is important that these systems always have the optimum settings and maintenance.

Air velocity in ventilation ducts

To ensure ventilation and air conditioning systems function perfectly, the volumetric flows must be correctly set across the whole system. The volumetric flow along with the air velocity must therefore be measured according to EN 12599 and EN 16211.

Velocity at the air outlet

Every duct inlet and outlet should only contain the volumetric flow that, according to its calculations, is the basic requirement for a system that works efficiently. It must therefore be possible to measure according to EN 16211 the volumetric flow in a reliable way.

Differential pressure on filters

Filters of ventilation and air conditioning systems become contaminated over time. This means the flow resistance and pressure drop increase. Our portable differential pressure measuring instruments and probes enable you to measure the pressure difference in front of and behind the filter reliably.

Sound level measurement

External noise emissions on ventilation and air conditioning systems must be limited. The permissible limit values depend on the area of the building and the environment where the systems are operated. Our portable sound level meters are used to measure industrial and environmental noise on ventilation and air conditioning systems.

Speed of ventilators and fans

Using Testo speed meters and Testo stroboscopes you can measure without contact the revolutions per minute of ventilators and fans. The robust testo 465 tachometer enables you to measure speed at a distance of up to 600 mm from the ventilator.

The testo 460 in pocket format is particularly handy for measuring at an ideal measuring distance of up to 40 mm.

Continuous operation for at least 2 hours is possible with the testo 476 hand-held stroboscope and its powerful battery.

The testo 477 with its high luminous intensity enables fast-moving objects to appear in slow motion. Rotation and vibration movements can be measured during operation.

Inflow speed in laboratory flues

Our probe, which has been specially developed for laboratory flue measurement, enables you to measure the inflow speed and the exhaust volumetric flow in laboratory flues with the testo 480 as per EN 14175. This means you ensure correct positioning of the flue and its best possible performance on site.